31 October 2009

Scenic Sunday

I am back after a week of travelling light by train in Central Europe. And by light I mean very light. No bag. All we needed was in our pockets. It was an experiment and it worked out just fine. But now it is back to normal again.

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23 October 2009

Short break

Tomorrow I will go on a short trip to Central Europe. I'll be back in about a week.

22 October 2009

Skywatch in a mirror

The picture is from the small town Trosa, with cute wooden houses.

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21 October 2009

New road

They are building a new road nearby with a separate bicycle lane.
They started by cutting down a lot of beautiful trees. Now the road will soon be ready. I can hear them work late in the evenings. They probably have to have the road ready before the snow comes.
But during the weekends it is calm, as you can see in the pictures.

I liked the old gravel road.

20 October 2009

Watery Wednesday

This is a picture from the old part of Oxelosund, our neighbor town.

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19 October 2009

My World

Early morning in October and there is still some mist in the air.
This is very close to where I work.

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18 October 2009

15 October 2009

Skywatch Friday

One of those autumn days with a really blue sky and interesting clouds.

13 October 2009

Wet, wet, wet

Braviken seen from Femore.

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12 October 2009

This is also my world

Quite often I take a walk through the wood till I reach this open field.

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11 October 2009

Winter view

View from Gripsholm Castle.

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10 October 2009

Camera Critters

A curious little fellow.

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Afternoon light

The very local church in late afternoon light.

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08 October 2009

Autumn sky

View from Lindbacke.

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06 October 2009

Two kinds of water

One more picture from Femore.

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05 October 2009

This is part of my world

Femore outside the small town of Oxelosund.

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04 October 2009

Today's Flowers

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Monochrome Weekly - the Kings Tower

Time for my third entry in Monochrome Weekly.
Today I show you the top part of the Kings Tower at the old caste in Nykoping.

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03 October 2009

Camera Critters

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PhotoHunt - Words

Till Salu! = For Sale!
This piece of land is for sale. Not a bad place for a new house.
But no... that is not for me. I can take a walk here when I want to see that lovely view.

Scenic Sunday

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01 October 2009

Skywatch Friday

It is already October and the evenings are getting darker.

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