26 December 2009

Scenic Sunday

We have had some beautiful snowy winter days over here.

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Monochrome Weekend

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25 December 2009

24 December 2009

Snowy Christmas

Today we have had the most wonderful winter day. The world looked almost unreal with the snow and the fog.

23 December 2009

15 December 2009

14 December 2009

12 December 2009

10 December 2009

03 December 2009

Skywatch Friday

The sky and clouds reflecting in the water on a unusually calm day.

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23 November 2009

My World

Every day for more than a week I rode past this boat on wheels. I don't know exactly what fascinated me so much about it, but one day I stopped a had a closer look.But last Friday it was suddenly gone. I am glad I have the photos.

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22 November 2009

Monochrome Weekly

At the old castle Nykopings hus.

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17 November 2009

Watery Wednesday

This is early in the morning and I am on my bike and on the way to work. I am glad there are some nice spots on the way. And there is always time for a short photo break.

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16 November 2009

My World

Some pictures from my grey and foggy November world.

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15 November 2009

10 November 2009

09 November 2009

My World

Everything is grey and dark here for the moment and I would not want to depress you, so I will show you some pictures from May instead of November.These pictures are from an area called Gamla Oxelosund (Old Oxelosund). There is a very nice cafe over there which you can see in the first picture. You go inside the red house and choose what you would like to have. Coffe and cake or ice cream perhaps? Then you bring it outside and sit down at one of the wooden tables on the hill. That is nice. The cafe is only open during the summer though. To sit on that hill right now is not anything I would recommend. It is +5 C, grey and very windy. But let's think positively, in only half a year it will be May again.

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08 November 2009

Monochrome Weekly

A prison fence in sharp contrast to all the lovely nature around.

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05 November 2009

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch! Not today thought. Today would be too boring with only grey, grey and... grey.

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03 November 2009

Watery Wednesday

Afternoon at the Baltic Sea.

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02 November 2009

My November World

November has brought another kind of weather to My World.

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01 November 2009

Monochrome Weekly

Abandoned corner at Nynas castle.

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31 October 2009

Scenic Sunday

I am back after a week of travelling light by train in Central Europe. And by light I mean very light. No bag. All we needed was in our pockets. It was an experiment and it worked out just fine. But now it is back to normal again.

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23 October 2009

Short break

Tomorrow I will go on a short trip to Central Europe. I'll be back in about a week.

22 October 2009

Skywatch in a mirror

The picture is from the small town Trosa, with cute wooden houses.

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21 October 2009

New road

They are building a new road nearby with a separate bicycle lane.
They started by cutting down a lot of beautiful trees. Now the road will soon be ready. I can hear them work late in the evenings. They probably have to have the road ready before the snow comes.
But during the weekends it is calm, as you can see in the pictures.

I liked the old gravel road.

20 October 2009

Watery Wednesday

This is a picture from the old part of Oxelosund, our neighbor town.

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19 October 2009

My World

Early morning in October and there is still some mist in the air.
This is very close to where I work.

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